How it Works


  • Your first step is creating your personal profile which will help expose you only to relevant
  • opportunities based on your skills, experience and expected salary range. It's very simple
  • and take about 5 minutes.


  • This platform is all about creating a relevant matching experience between you and
  • potential job opportunities. After you finish creating your personal profile you'll get
  • exposed to current open positions and get ongoing notifications via SMS & email,
  • whenever there is something new that might be relevant for you.


  • Job opportunities will be open for you to apply only for a limited amount of time. It’s
  • about the rush... Whenever you discover a relevant opportunity, you can apply directly.
  • From here, the company will be exposed to your profile and will connect you directly if
  • they choose to move forward.

  • The next stage is... well... hopefully a match!
What sorts of roles I can discover here?
The platform includes open positions at Jerusalem-based and life science companies. You can find job opportunities in the fields of software, hardware, data-science, product design, business development, sales, marketing and life science-related opportunities. The range of experience is very wide; there are positions that are relevant only for highly experienced candidates, and some positions which require minimal or no experience at all.
What if I don't get immediate offers?
This indeed could happen. However, this platform is designed ti notify you on an ongoing basis whenever a new opporunity opens up that fits your profile.This platform is not only friendly, it's also smart, and once in a while, the platform may expose you to opportunities that might not exactly fit your reqirements but might be close enough, and recommend that you check them out.
Can my current employer see my profile?
You decide which positions you want to apply for. No company will see your profile unless you choose to apply.
Why only Jerusalem-based companies?
The creation of this platform is part of large mission to develop and grow the city's rising innovation scene. It aims to empower both Jerusalem-based tech and life-science companies and potencial job candidates to connect and engage easily. It aims to help create a better job-seeking experience for the candidates on one hand, and improve access to relevant talent for companies on the other.